Architectural Review Committee

The Quail Hollow Estates Architectural Review Committee (ARC) plays a vital role in ensuring the preservation of our community’s aesthetic appeal and architectural integrity. The ARC functions independently and is comprised of five members – a Chairperson selected by the QHHA Board and four members nominated by the Chairperson and approved by the QHHA Board.

The Committee reviews and approves proposed modifications, renovations, or new construction projects to uphold the community’s standards and guidelines. Their diligent assessment ensures that all changes align harmoniously with the overall architectural vision of Quail Hollow Estates, contributing to the cohesive and attractive environment we all cherish. Homeowners are required to consult with the ARC before commencing any exterior alteration to their property.

More information about the ARC’s review process is accessible through the Sign-In portal.

Architectural Review (ARC) submissions are collected by:
Cedar Management Group
Phone: (704) 644-8808
Email: [email protected]