Our Lakes

Quail Hollow Estates boasts three picturesque lakes that enhance the natural beauty of our community. The largest lake, adjacent to Quail Hollow West and visible from the Clubhouse’s outdoor patio, offers a serene and captivating vista. Adjacent to Quail Hollow South, the two smaller lakes in Quail Hollow East, add to our neighborhood’s tranquil charm.

Residents embrace the lakes in their own unique ways – fishing enthusiasts appreciate peaceful moments along the banks, while others enjoy leisurely walks with their canine companions or find solace in the lakeside ambiance, savoring sunsets or moments of tranquility.

Our lakes epitomize the perfect balance between natural beauty and urban comfort, serving as a constant reminder of the harmonious coexistence between nature and our vibrant community.

A map of the community showing the location of our lakes can be found here. More information regarding our community’s lakes and policies are available through the Sign-In portal.