Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the legal documents for Quail Hollow Estates?

To access the legal documents such as by-laws, covenants, or rules and regulations, you will need to create an account or Sign-In. Once logged in, you will have access to these important documents that provide guidelines and regulations for the community. If you are a Realtor and need these documents for a client, please visit the Real Estate page and fill out the request form.

When and where are the Homeowners Association Meetings?

Quail Hollow Estates has an umbrella association as well as three sub-associations. Each association meets monthly. To identify the sub-association for your property, please see the community map.

While the majority of associations in Quail Hollow Estates meet at the Clubhouse, others choose to meet virtually from time to time. For more information, please visit each association’s page on this site and their respective property management company’s website.

Board members and residents of my sub-association keep referring to buildings by number. Where do I find my building number?

Please see the map of our community. In addition to being able to identify which sub-association your property is in, the map also shows your building’s number within your sub-association. Board members and residents often reference buildings in our community by their respective building number instead of the physical address.

If I have a maintenance or repair issue, who should I contact?

For landscaping, grounds, or amenities issues, please contact the property management group for Quail Hollow Homeowners Association (QHHA). However, for building-specific issues in the condominiums, townhouses, or patio homes, you should reach out to the property management company for your sub-association – Quail Hollow East (QHE), Quail Hollow South (QHS), or Quail Hollow West (QHW).

Are guests allowed to use the amenities at Quail Hollow Estates?

Absolutely! However, guests must be accompanied by a QHHA member at all times.

I want to use the pool, but the gate is locked. How do I gain access to the pool?

In order to enter the pool area and the recreation courts, you must be assigned a key fob by the Quail Hollow Homeowners Association (QHHA). Additionally, there is an annual pool waiver form that must be submitted to gain access the pool. To get the instructions for requesting a fob or to download a copy of this year’s pool wavier form and submission instructions, please Sign-In.

Why did my key fob stop working at the pool?

If your key fob stopped working at the pool, it’s likely that you didn’t sign this year’s pool waiver. To access a copy of the pool wavier form and submission instructions, please Sign-In.

I lost my key fob. How do I get another one?

Additional key fobs can be purchased from QHHA by contacting us.

When is trash pickup?

Trash pickup is on Wednesday of each week and recycling is every other Wednesday, unless there is a holiday. For the pickup schedule, visit Mecklenburg County’s Geoportal.

Please note: A City of Charlotte ordinance requires trash cans to be taken in by midnight the day of pickup. Leaving them out after midnight on the day of pickup will result in a QHHA community rules violation notice and potentially fines in the event of multiple violations within a calendar year.

May I have a pet?

Yes, however each sub-association has its own rules about pets. You can Sign-In and review your sub-association’s pet policy and rules.

Please note: The City of Charlotte requires all pets to be leashed when outside, and QHHA’s community rules require all owners to clean up after their pets.

Are there association rules related to selling my home?

If you are a homeowner interested in selling your property in Quail Hollow Estates, please Sign-In to access the community rules regarding selling your property, which outline the specific guidelines for displaying for sale signs within the neighborhood. Realtors assisting homeowners in selling their properties are also advised to fill out the form the Real Estate page to receive copies of these guidelines.

What is the process for renting my property in Quail Hollow Estates?

If you are a homeowner interested in leasing your property, please note that your sub-association board of directors must approve the new tenant before they move in, so be sure to contact the property management group specific to your sub-association before renting your property. They will provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the approval process for leasing your property within Quail Hollow Estates.